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About Advanced Cosmetics by Malissa - Permanent Makeup Artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma
About Permanent Cosmetics in Oklahoma
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About Advanced Cosmetics by Malissa Spacek - Tulsa Permanent Makeup Artist
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About Permanent Cosmetics
Permanent Cosmetics in Tulsa, OK

  About Malissa Spacek - Permanent Makeup Artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

James Campbell D.O.
and Malissa Spacek

Malissa Spacek was originally trained for Permanent Makeup in Oklahoma in the SofTap technique as well as receiving advanced training in Dallas, Texas at the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics. Malissa is also certified as a permanent makeup artist by the State of Oklahoma in Medical Micropigmentology and specializes in a variety of permanent cosmetic procedures, such as permanent lip liner/color, eyebrows, eyeliner, and much more.

If you receive permanent makeup in Oklahoma, pain management is offered in the form of dental block, topicals, and oral medications. If oral medications are used, you will need to provide transportation to and from the facility. Prior to treatment, all clients who are having a lip procedure performed will have a prescription of Valtrex prescribed by a physician on staff.

Breast Impressions

Breast Impressions first mission was to offer breast casting kits to women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to make a "memory" of their own prior to breast surgery. Since their inception well over 180 breast casting kits have been sent free of charge to women across the world.

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To schedule an appointment for permanent make-up in Tulsa or Broken Arrow area or to ask any additional questions, please call Malissa at:
(918) 872-9999

or visit us at www.baweightspa.com


Advanced Cosmetics by Malissa Spacek - Tulsa Permanent Makeup Artist
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